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Thomas Time

Working with Javascript

April 18 2014 , Written by Thomas L

So as one of my projects, which was a website, was starting to finish up. I went ahead and tried to speed test the page load times on this gallery site. I was getting frustrated when I did all of the on page optimization, image resizing, the works. I had like perfect scores on Google Page Speed Insights. But it really didn't matter. Every mobile test I did with Akamai was futile.

So what I did was learn to merge all of my javascripts and place my css files in the header. The problem was I had a javascript discrepancy that was rendering and ruining my page loads.

But anyway that made for a fun and eventful time working on a project this weekend. I also attended a baptist church in West Des Moines and that helped relieve some of my stress. I met some really cool people and learned alot about how churches work. I wasn't too familiar with religion or Christianity but the pastor as well as a few other people in the congregation gave me some cool insight after the service. I'm looking forward to returning next Saturday.

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