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Thomas Time

More Code and Church

April 18 2014 , Written by Thomas L

So today I struggled with a little more coding issues. But today it was with straight java. I was trying to build a string organizer that would parse and sort a bunch of string data. The goal is to deploy it to a database so then I can use it to query looking for string instances. I'm not sure exactly how to do all of this so if anyone has any experience with MySQL, java web server stacks, etc, just let me know. I might even be able to pay you for that.

Other than that I did go back to church today in Des Moines. This time I decided go to a different church, First Baptist Church in Norwalk. It was a fun church to go to, here's a link to the website of the church in des moines. I thought it was an even nicer church than the one I went to in west des moines. I really got to learn a bit about theology and Christian concepts. I was even invited to the pastor's house to learn a bit more about how the church works and their ministries. It was a really interesting process of learning, and they had a cool family.

I would recommend going back to that church if you are looking into finding a church in the metro area, which references to des moines and central iowa.

I suppose I should get back to learn more about practices for parsing strings and setting up databases. So just wish me luck then.

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